Private lessons with Ria Smith

Private lessons with Ria Smith

If you are not able to make a specific class time or if you have your own idea and would prefer to do a Private lesson with Ria Smith that is an option.

Here are some details...

* Private lessons are 3 hours long and start out at $175 (base metals included, if you need sterling it will be available for sale)  After the first 3 lessons the price of Private lessons goes down to $150 for a 3 hour session.

* We would work together to find a time that works for both our schedules...(note: weekends are generally taken up with Classes)

*Best to contact Ria with any questions of designs or ideas that you have.

Note: It is with regret that at this time i must say that i will not be having any classes, it seems that a lifetime of using my hands/arms has taken its toll.  I may find a time in the future where i will be back, perhaps with different more inspired classes with a more keen focus on self care in the midst of being innovative.  For now i must respect what my body wants. Thank you for your interest and i hope you find a passion that serves you just as designing/teaching jewelry has done for me.