Intro to Jewelry Making

Intro to Jewelry Making

This is my most popular intro to jewelry class. It's a hands-on, get-slightly-dirty class, just giving you an appetizer of what you can really do with metal. You will learn how to solder, rivet, pierce, and fabricate different metals. Together we will create projects that work for you and your skill set. I guarantee that not only will this be informative, but lots of fun as well. Yes, This is for Beginners, No Experience Necessary! :)   New Classes generally start the first Tuesday of Every Month.

  • 1 class per week for four weeks 
  •  Tools supplied, You do not need to bring anything! Fully equipped studio.
  • Base metals supplied
  • Sterling Silver available for additional purchase
  • Note: It is with regret that at this time i must say that i will not be having any classes, it seems that a lifetime of using my hands/arms has taken its toll.  I may find a time in the future where i will be back, perhaps with different more inspired classes with a more keen focus on self care in the midst of being innovative.  For now i must respect what my body wants. Thank you for your interest and i hope you find a passion that serves you just as designing/teaching jewelry has done for me.