Classic Fire and Water Reversible Series

This Classic Collection is my Signature Series, These pieces of Solid 18 karat gold and sterling silver not only are reversible they are multidirectional as well as having the ability to have stones added anytime to the front or back.

I enjoy using my yin and yang designs of Fire and Water, the Fire side is the more passionate side when you are feeling a bit more spicy and the opposing side with the Water design is more of a gentle calm wave to reflect your more serene moods. Feel free to thread the chain through in different directions, as well as adding thicker chains too as the holes in the sides are quite large and can even accommodate small pearls. Many enjoy adding their children's birthstones to the pendant, or add them as you have more children: makes a great Mothers present! I can add up to 6 stones per side: Do call for a more custom look to fit your family. You are sure to have many different looks with this stunning remarkable piece for years to come as well as an original family heirloom to pass on from generation to generation.