About Ria Smith

Ria Smith is a jewelry designer and teacher who maintains a studio and showroom on Jewelers Row in Philadelphia, PA. She originally began as a painter, sculptor and graphic artist until she found her niche with metals, where she could utilize all of her artistic skills to create a more three dimensional effect. Having attended Gloucester County College and earning her Associate of Art degree in 1991, Ria continued on at Rowan University where she studied master jewelry design.

"Even though I did go through formal training for jewelry design between colleges and many many workshops over the years I give credit to starting out on Jewelers Row in Philadelphia at age 19 where I worked and apprenticed for many fine craftsmen," explains Ria, "this is what has shaped me and even to this day I have always found myself at home on the historic street."

Artist Statement

Ria Smith - Jewelry Designer My life path has been a spiritual one and my jewelry has followed suit. Fire and water have been my two main themes in my original designs. I enjoy designs with fire to show a bit more passion in the creation, likewise I love using water designs to be more flowing and calm. I believe I have achieved a nice balance of yin and yang and I even offer some designs that have both fire or water designs in them so you can choose how you are feeling.

I believe jewelry can be a mirror to how you are feeling. I love the contrast of gold and silver together, as well as different textures to really add to the mix. I hope you are as inspired by my work as I am making it.

—Ria Smith